Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aero Bars of Fire

I think I made a mistake by getting aero bars on my bike. I may go 1-2 mph faster with aero bars but it's not worth the pain. I don't like my bike right now. I'm so upset with my bike I decided to name it. It's name was Lightspeed Vela, it came to me with that name and I didn't want to give it an identity crisis. After a horrible ride at White Lake, I'm calling it "Clifford" the big, red dog when it's bad. Yesterday, I was saying "f&cking Clifford!" during the last 10 miles of our 56 mile ride. I don't care if I hurt my bikes' feelings anymore, it can go Sybil on me for all I care.

On Friday, I picked up my bike with new aero bars installed. The aero bars were wrapped in pretty, red tape to match my frame. My bike was adjusted for the new aero bars. I think my seat was moved up, the handle bars down. I was so excited to go ride the flat, 56 mile course at White Lake. Everything was going well for the first 25 miles, I loved the flat land but it was windy. I didn't feel comfortable staying in the aero bars when it was really gusty or a semi truck passed because I don't feel quite as stable in the bars. My crotch really started hurting around mile 26. I was wearing my really padded "diaper" bike shorts too. I'd scoot back on my seat to try to feel better, then forward. I'd try the aero bars, then sit up. Nothing really helped. It was like the bike seat was determined to destroy my sex life with my husband. I tried not to complain too much to Jessica and just kept cursing at Clifford in my head.

When we got to highway 53, it was about the last 15 miles of the course. This wasn't like the nice country roads we were riding on before. This rode had all these filled cracks so when you are riding you are going "Clunk-clunk, Cluck-clunk, Clunk-clunk" every second. The sky was starting to get dark and looked like rain. My feet started to feel warm around mile 40, I thought I was just getting hot and sweaty because it was a warm afternoon. At mile 45 the outside soles of my feet felt like they were on fire. I'm talking about hot pokers being stabbed into the bottoms of my feet. Then, it started to rain. For a moment, I was excited about the rain. It will cool off my feet! It didn't help the fire blazing outer soles, the rain only slowed us down so I could suffer longer.

At mile 50, I was soaked and thought I may be a baby and stop to hitch a ride. I have this mentality about never quitting though. I only had 6 more miles to go. I was in agony. I couldn't decide if a vagina transplant or foot amputation would be worse. I half expected to see flames whipping up from my cleats during the last three miles. The next time I am driving in my "luxury soccer mom van" in the rain and see cyclists, I will have respect for them. I will pull over and see if they'd like a ride. I kept watching all these cars pass us, splashing more water on me. If someone would have stopped, I would have jumped into their car even if they were Jack the Ripper. Slash my throat, I don't care. Just get me off evil Clifford.

We finally made it to White Lake, I have never been so grateful to get off my bike. I could hardly walk because my feet of fire. I took off my cleats and thought I would see bloody, burning feet but they looked normal! I'm telling you there is no way I could run 13 miles when my feet felt this awful. Something is wrong even though I have no evidence. I hobbled inside and peeled off my wet diaper shorts and tank top. I have the loveliest tan, a bright white butt, white feet of fire and a T on my back.

The first 25 miles of the ride, I noticed the beautiful things. It is a wonderful bike ride if you aren't in pain. There are blueberry farms galore, bushes in full bloom. Little bee hives strategically placed to pollinate the blueberry flowers. The dogwoods and azaleas were flowering. We didn't have to fight off one loose dog. Little lizards would dart across the road. There was minimal traffic. Something has got to change with my bike so I can enjoy the entire ride. I want my old bike back, the good red Vela. I will give up the aero bars. I hate this new Clifford! He needs to be euthanized, I think he's rabid.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger nancytoby said...

I've read that it takes 600 miles to get used to aero position, but for me it's much, much longer!

As long as you're confident that the fit is right, stick with it - maybe some shorter rides first for a while? :-)


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Jessica A. Freas "Freeze" said...

Girl! You know we had fun despite the pain! I was right there with you, but no pain in the feet. Just some pain about 2 1/2 feet up and in the middle and a little in the knees. Ha!

Realize that as you get use to the bars and the position that come race day, you will look back and probably say to yourself that nothing can be as BAD as that day when you wanted a vagina and foot transplant! You will be in such race mode that nothing will stop you!

At 1:05 PM, Blogger tarheeltri said...

Sorry to hear about the tough ride! If you have a trainer I'd spend a bit more time on that than on the road to get used to the position. When you are new to aero bars its hard to get any real time in that position when you're riding all the hills around here.

Or, have the position adjusted to be less aero, which may give you a bit more power depending on how aero you are now.

Most people get a fit and stick with it, but I tinker with mine all the time. In fact, my current position was way off from what the shop set me up with originally. But as I was curious,I went to Inside Out yesterday for a "real" fit and I wasn't that far off from what I left the shop with... goes to show that my original fit probably wasn't the best for me... but then it takes a while (like months) to figure out whats comfortable. I recommend Inside Out if you haven't been there.

Finally, let me know about the transplant, I have a friend who is a doctor. Sorry for your pain, but that WAS funny!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Robin said...

I had similar 'gina-pain' when I got my new Terry Butterfly seat. I was cursing it and wanted to throw it in the river. Two team mates told me to stick it out and ride with it longer. I did. I got used to it.

I agree, if the fit is good, then stick it out a bit more and see if it gets better. I was told stickingit out means consistent riding on it.

But make sure you went to a good place to get your new fit. Some places just suck.

As for your foot pain--it that new? I don't know if that would be bike fit issues, or something else???

At 8:46 PM, Blogger Cagey said...

Sounds like you had a very rough ride. Hopefully, your feet and other "parts" feel better now. Remember suffering in training is preferable to suffering on race day.

At 9:07 AM, Blogger Miss Jenny said...

Poor baby. That sounds highly un-fun. But good for you for recognizing the fun parts of the ride and the beautiful things. Here's hoping that your parts will be happier on your next ride.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

I have a completely different fit on my tribike than on the road bike- I would say it is worth getting fit again if you are going to ride in the aerobars.

I make it a point to train a lot in the bars when I am about to do a long race. There is no subsitute for saddle time, and aero bar time, when you are training for a race like this. 56 miles is a lot for your first time in the new position. Stick with it and I am sure it will get better.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Flatman said...

Nancy is right...give it more time. Eventually, aero will feel better than upright. It's finally getting that way for me now!

Keep trying'll get there!

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