Monday, April 17, 2006

Hot as a Pile of Chicken Poo

In North Carolina, it seems like we miss spring. Mother Nature just skips over that season. I went to White Lake again on Saturday to practice and it was 95 degrees. It's only mid-April! Yesterday was 92!

Amy, Meg and I got to the lake around 11am. I kinda felt silly putting on a wet suit because there were little kids swimming in the water without any protection. I doubt wet suits will be legal the day of the race if the weather stays so hot. Here we are, in the boa constrictor suits looking all professional.

On Friday, Meg and I went to Jordan Lake to practice open water swimming. That was a new experience. Jordan Lake is nothing like White Lake. You can actually see things such as turtles, algae, wood and trash while swimming in White Lake. Being able to see things helps my mind while swimming in open water. I guess it stays busy and occupied "Oh, I see a Bud Light can! Good-bye Bud Light can!" I feel like I'm moving and going somewhere. At Jordan Lake, the only thing I see is green water. I started feeling a wee bit panicky when I got into the middle of Jordan Lake. "I can't see anything..I'm going to drown.. I'm too far out.."Maybe it was the dead catfish I saw on the shore. I felt like an arm was going to reach up and grab my ankle and pull me under. I had to start singing Mindy Smith's "One Moment More" in my head because it's the most calming song I have heard lately.

Meg, Amy and I swam about 40 min. at White Lake. I really don't know why they have their arms over their heads' in this picture. I look weird though with my arms down. Like I'm not part of the shaved armpit club.

After our swim, I took off my wetsuit and got back into the lake. I'm glad I did too. I decided I'm not going to wear a wet suit for this race. It squeezes me too tight, I don't like how it feels around my neck. The wet suit prevents me from getting good reach. It feels like it pulls down on my shoulders. I will lose time trying to get the damn thing off too.

After our swim, we did the sprint course on our bikes. I'm happy to report I haven't had any problems with my bike lately. I'm comfortable with the aero bars. The only thing I'm nervous about on the bike is nutrition. I know I've got to eat during the bike course but I'm not sure what and how. I'd like to eat a cheeseburger, I actually thought about having my husband hand me off one. Then, I thought I could have a basket installed on the bike for my groceries. I'm not so good at riding and eating at the same time. I can't be spreading mustard on a burger while driving. I'll have to keep it simple. I'm anti-Gu though. You'll rarely see me squeeze that stuff into my mouth. I almost feel ill when I see people eat the chocolate ones. It looks like they are eating watered down poop. I want real food!

When we finished the bike ride, it was around 2pm. It was hotter than goat balls. Did I mention that I didn't wear any sunscreen? This may have been one reason I felt so hot too. I had to run for 50 min. I'm running around Camp Clearwater, it's a little trailer park at White Lake. There are toddlers driving golf carts. I'm serious, I saw a 4 year old kid driving a golf cart! It's golf cart heaven. Teens pimpin' around in golf carts with their cd players. Nascar fans driving around in golf carts smoking and drinking beer. I had to keep alert so I didn't get killed by a golf cart. I'd amuse myself by running through sprinklers that were watering lawns. I kept running past pre-teens that were listening to Tim McGraw and Nelly's song "Over and Over Again". Country meets rap which sounds like crap. I was overheating and feeling grouchy. I thought I may have a meltdown and grab their CD players and start smashing them "Over and Over Again". When I finished the run, I was bright red. I can match my bike! Stick a fork in me and flip me over because I'm done!

I have this bizarre craving for beer when I workout over three hours a day. It's all Jessica's fault. When we finished at White Lake, this smoking and drinking golf cart dude stops to talk to us. I told Amy that I had a beer craving a few min. earlier. She said "Look, that guy has beer in his golf cart." My mouth starts watering and I look at the open beer bottles in the golf cart, then at him. I almost asked him for a sip but I see he has cold sores on his mouth. My beer craving vanished, I don't want herpes. I settled for water until I got home. At home, I opened 3 herpe-free bottles of Yuengling. I was still burnt but when you have a buzz, you can be a lobster and still smile.


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Jill said...

There was one place I practiced open water in last year that was crystal clear. I was concentrating on my stroke and didn't notice that I could see the bottom and freaked myself out when a bunch of fish swam by!! Not a good thing to do when your head is submerged in water!

Friends and family give me a bad time when they know I am going out in open water - they either do the Jaws theme or tell me to watch out for gators!

Hope your burn gets better soon.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

I am scared to think of what the weather will bring on race day. If it's hot, I am sure you will be thankful for those terrible training rides in the heat.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Miss Jenny said...

I'm here! I'm here!

Did you swim without your wetsuit in Jordan Lake? Was it cold?

That's where I'm planning on practicing the open water swim. I'm nervous!

At 7:23 PM, Blogger tarheeltri said...

I've got a wetsuit rented myself, but have only ever worn one surfing and not too often at that. I may not wear it at ther ace either. Yeungling. I grew up a few miles from where it's made. Best cheap beer ever and pretty good compared to most expensive beers too. If you go to Pennsylvania all you have to say is "lager" and you get a Yeungling.

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