Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's all about the journey, not the destination

That's what my horoscope said today. It's true, I don't know how to feel about White Lake. I've trained months for it and I'm scared about it coming to an end. I really enjoyed the training,I'm stronger and tougher than I thought. I just don't want this race to turn out like Christmas. When I was a kid, I would be so excited about Christmas for weeks. But when Christmas came and present time was over, I always felt sad. I enjoy the anticipation. Those moments you have been waiting for go by so quickly. I'm gonna take in this race, enjoy it, for what it has taught me. It's also awesome how many training friends I have made on this journey. Most will be there during the race.

Here's a slideshow of Jessica, Meg and I last weekend in Cheraw. My favorite picture is the three of us and Jessica's being a goofball. I tell you, she can make friends with anyone because she's a jokester. Be prepared for a novel blog about this race Monday morning! I hope my brain can take everything in!


At 7:21 PM, Blogger Jill said...

You are going to do great!
You are going to do awesome!
You are going to have a wonderful time!
Don't overthink it, just do it! Everything is going to workout!
Positive thoughts!

Just remember how far you have come and all that you have done to get where you are.

But most importantly - Enjoy yourself!

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Jessica A. Freas "Freeze" said...

We are going to do fine. We will have each other and our families rooting us on. I wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks for your friendship and determination throughout this whole process. It's made me a better person because of it.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger tarheeltri said...

I'm sure you'll be happy when you finish and at least for a time, the race will go on as you relive it through everyone else's stories, blogs, and posts about it. This is going to be a GREAT race! Good luck!

At 10:13 AM, Blogger Iron Pol said...

You left a comment for A.Maria about Rock n' Roll races in your area. Look into the Virginia Beach Rock n' Roll half-marathon. It is a pretty major race, and it has the benefit of being a half.

All the fun of a Rock n' Roll event, with half the calories (er, miles).

At 2:37 PM, Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Well it sounds as though you have indeed had a wonderful journey! You are going to do great. What is more, is that half the fun in reaching one destination is in planning the next one!

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Miss Jenny said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! I know you'll do amazing!!


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