Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ebb and Flow

Anything I chose to do, whether it be train for triathlon, making soap or preparing a meal; I put one hundred percent of myself into the job. This can be good and bad. Good because I've experienced perfection with my "balls to the walls" effort. Bad because I'll "burn the candle at both ends", taking on too much and finally burn out.

I'm about burnt out with triathlon training. I guess that's why I haven't posted for awhile. I don't have much positive to say about training right now. I'm just getting through it. I'm been even more grouchy during the last week because I had to cut out weight training to prepare for Pinehurst Olympic triathlon on October 7th.

I'm feeling like a big blob of Jello. All cardio, no weights. My diet had to change too, I have to eat a lot of carbs to keep my cardio fueled. I was bonking hard with little carbs and mostly protein. All the lean muscle mass I put on the last three weeks will be gone by the 7th. I will have completed eight triathlon races my first season!

Looking back over the last year, it's hard to believe I've only been seriously training for nine months. At midnight on Jan. 1, 2006, I signed up for all eight races on-line, I think Woodlake was the only mail-in. I don't know why I chose eight but like I said, when I commit in my mind, I go all out. In hindsight, I think it may have been too many. All these new experiences: sprint, double sprint, Olympic, half-ironman, pool swim, lake swim, ocean swim, racing Falcor in the rain or on sand and gravel roads, flat pavement running, trail running, beach running and Bandit's Challenge DAM running. I have been blessed to be strong and healthy enough to have all these new experiences in less than one year.

It's been a lot of learning. I've met some great people and some real fucktards. I've won and I've lost.I laughed and I cried. Some days, I feel like I can run like a wild gazelle through the woods
but when I'm forced to use a treadmill, I feel like a baby elephant. I learned to expect and be prepared for the unexpected race day. Last week, I ran in the rain just because.

I literally threw myself into triathlon in January. It was new, exciting and addicting. And now, like many things in my life, I'm tired of triathlon. I think I'm tired of feeling pressure to perform well. I just want to train because I like it! I'm tired of worrying about the next race on a monthly basis. I'm really hating the bike right now. I'm enjoying running because the weather is so beautiful outside. It feels lovely to have the windows open!

I hate the bike right now but March-May of this year it was my favorite, I used to hate running. I got sick of making soap last January and devoted most of my time to cooking and training. I have spent more time in the soap shack the last two weeks than I have the entire year. I have been a soap making fool. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I have really missed it but didn't realize it until I had to make some soap for the holidays for my family. I've set a goal to make 72 pounds of soap per week until December.

There are three things I really love and enjoy in life. Exercise, soap making and cooking. I just have to find balance. Too much cooking and I don't run as fast. Too much exercise=no soap making=no money.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

That is a lot of soap!

Life goes in cycles and it seems that yours is no different. I can be hard to find a balance between training and the rest of our lives. Just go with the flow for now and see how you feel after your last race of the season. Good luck!

At 9:44 PM, Blogger tarheeltri said...

I'm looking forward to my last race as well. Unlike most people, i take a complete break from the sport through Christmas. It will be the holidays soon. Time to party and let loose after Pinehurst. I'll be joining you after Ironman.

At 12:47 AM, Blogger 21st Century Mom said...

but... but... but... what about the dogs and the goats?? I hear that you are burned out and I get that. Training to perform gets tiresome. But the dogs! And the goats! and the soap and the rest of your life.... don't let the training bum you out on the rest of your life. And I'm totally incoherent right now because of the drinks and the sales training...Life is big - live life! Don't worry about the tri training.... eat, drink and be
merry... and thanks for posting.

Mojo you are one of my faves so rock on- whatever form that takes just do it! *smooch* 21CM

At 3:42 AM, Blogger Julia said...

Hey Mojo,
Can I make a special request? Can you show us how you make soap sometime? I was really curious about the process a few years back and I went online to get some info but only got confused.

Signing up for all 8 triathlons on january 1st really tells a lot about your personality! I'm glad you wrote an entry :-)

At 10:03 AM, Blogger 21st Century Mom said...

In the light of a new morning (when I'm sober and have run 6 miles) let me just say that I meant that part about you being one of my faves. I hope you continue to regale us with your funny stories in between batches of soap.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Papa Louie said...

Welcome back.
I think no matter what you do, be at peace and enjoy life to its fullest.
How can we learn more about your soaps? Are there different kinds that you make? Can we place an order? I'd like to try some. If possible can you email me some information? Thanks.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Kim said...

you are a triathlon machine! good for you mojo! :) looking forward to your upcoming race report.

after doing all this weight training the last few months, i think i would go bananas if it had to be cut out of my life! so i know the feeling!

you will be back handling dumbells in no time!

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Bolder said...

hey missy. for starters, you are SUPPOSED to let us know you are going on a break... afterwards, saying 'we were on a break'...

missed you. WORRIED about you. but, somehow knew you were OK, not the same feeling as how i feel about Oldman.

clearly, you are ready for the off-season, ... there's more to life than triathlon!

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Miss Jenny said...

I'm glad you are taking some time to do things you love, like soap making. I love reading about ALL your great stories, not just your training. And a happy, healthy, balanced Mojo is a good thing. I'll be rooting for you on the 7th, but I'll also be rooting for you in the off-season too!

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